Saturday, September 22, 2018
PYE Conference
  • We have implemented our first ECD in Malatya on 02-03 April 2013.
  • 11-12-13 March 2013 JOC trainings in Mardin
  • 04-05-06 March 2013 JOC trainings in Kahramanmaraş
  • Job and Occupational Counselling (JOC) Trainings in Rize at 18-19-20 February 2013
  • Prepatory meetings with stakeholders for Gaziantep ECDs in 05-06 April 2013
  • Promoting Youth Employment Operation Introductory Event - 12.09.2012
Want help to start or grow your business  Want help to find a job or job experience 

Over 300 high level representatives of İŞKUR, grant beneficiaries, and relevant stakeholders attended the “Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment Introductory Event” at Rixos Hotel... Read More...

To apply İŞKUR Youth Entrepreneurship Training (Y.E.T.) course, download the application form and aptitiude screening test. Fill in and submit to one of the five pilot İŞKUR provincial offices at least 3 weeks before the training is scheduled to begin... Read More...

Grant Scheme for Promoting Youth Employement in Sectoral Investment Areas (PYE-II) (EuropeAid/133936/M/ACT/TR)

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