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This website was developed by the project Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment, a EURO 1.947,680 project co-funded by the EU and ISKUR to facilitate the transition to the labor market of young unemployed people and school leavers by implementing activities that will help them increase their entrepreneurship skills, gain job experience or find employment.
High unemployment amongst young people is a major issue in our country. Young people in particular face challenges making the transition from education to work due to the fact that they often lack the practical knowledge, skills and competences needed by employers to be able to compete in the national and international job market.
Ensuring that young people are equipped with the skills needed by modern businesses is important not only for young people and local economies, but also for businesses. In an age of rapidly changing technologies and skills, young people can help rejuvenate how they operate, if they are properly prepared to meet the needs of modern industries.

The Project Aim

Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) designed the "Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment" project to help more young people find jobs or set up their own businesses. The project will do this by developing the capacities of relevant institutions at national and local level to implement policies, develop partnerships and activate resources to provide more internship and on-the job training opportunities and boost entrepreneurial capacities. The two-year project commenced in September 2011.

Who Will Benefit?

All young unemployed people or job seekers between 15-29 with different levels of education will be able to benefit, including:
  • Young unemployed people who are new university graduates
  • Young unemployed people who are secondary school graduates
  • Young unemployed people with lower educational attainment and early school leavers
  • Young people who are still at school
  • Young women with lower educational attainment

Project Activities and the Results They will Achieve

The project will implement a range of activities to achieve five main results as follows:
  • Result 1: Enhance entrepreneurship capacities of young people by:
    • Collecting and analyzing data and reports and conducting new research to identify priority industry sectors and investment and support needs
    • Preparing entrepreneurship guidelines and a comprehensive list of all financial, educational and other supports and incentives available to entrepreneurs.
    • Organizing "entrepreneurship days" in each of the 15 growth centers.
  • Result 2: Develop a Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Model (i.e. identify priority activities and investments needed to grow local economies and create entrepreneurship) by:
    • Establishing a working group to ensure widespread representation of all key stakeholders in the identification of the priorities and strategies.
    • Developing the YES model, a protocol signature and a work plan for their implementation at regional level
    • Organizing entrepreneurship and other training workshops as identified in the YES model for at least 500 potential business start-ups and 90 counselors of ISKUR. These will include both comprehensive training on all aspects of entrepreneurship.
    • Providing individual coaching to at least 75 entrepreneurs.
    • Sharing YES models by organizing conferences at national level and in 5 pilot provinces
  • Result 3: Introducing the YES models in five pilot provinces by:
    • Developing and implementing specific action plans for each of the five pilot provinces and their hinterlands.
    • Evaluating the results and sharing them at a national conference.
  • Result 4. Develop the capacity and means of ISKUR to provide internships and on-the job training by:
    • Identifying companies for possible on-the-job-training/internship opportunities, developing partnership agreements
    • Conducting comprehensive surveys and analyses in 15 growth centres to identify attitudes to employing young people
    • Organizing employment, career and entrepreneurship activities in 15 growth centres
    • Promoting the benefits of internship agreements, and internship/on-the-job training
  • Result 5. Promote best practices from the Youth Grant Scheme project to Promote Youth Employment by:
    • Identifying and analyzing the results of the 127 Grant Scheme projects carried out within Grant Component of the Operation,
    • Developing a compendium to share best practices and
    • Organizing a national conference.

In Which Provinces Will the Activities Take Place?

The activities will take place in 43 more disadvantaged provinces located at 12 NUTS II regions namely as:
Growth Centers Provinces Pilot Provinces
Batman Batman  
  Mardin Mardin
Diyarbakır Diyarbakır  
Elazığ Elazığ  
Erzurum Erzurum
Gaziantep Gaziantep  
Kahramanmaraş Kahramanmaraş
Kars Kars  
Kastamonu Kastamonu  
Kayseri Kayseri  
Malatya Malatya
Samsun Samsun  
Şanlıurfa Şanlıurfa
Sivas Sivas Sivas
Trabzon Trabzon  
  Rize Rize
Van Van  

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