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1. Are there grants for starting a business?

There is a large array of supports for starting a business including advice, information, training, mentoring, social welfare allowances and reliefs, and sometimes direct grant-aid assistance for establishing a business, or investing in equipment. KOSGEB offers entrepreneurs who have successfully completed their training programme up to YL 30,000 to cover some of the costs involved in establishing their businesses.
Although not all businesses will receive cash grant-aid, all can avail of information and advice. Indeed, training and other supports can often be more valuable than cash grants.

2. I have an idea for a new business. Where do I start?

It is a good idea to do some basic market research to establish that a market exists, its size and how you can access it, before contacting your local İŞKUR office.
If you are unsure how to do this, İŞKUR, KOSGEB and others offer training to help you with this. Look out in particular for İŞKUR's new 6-week practical training course.

3. Do I need to write a Business Plan?

Yes. Even if you don't need financing a business plan will help ensure you have though through every aspect of your business idea fully and thus help avoid errors in a timely fashion. Planning is the most important aspect of business.

4. My business needs funding for capital equipment. Who will help?

KOSGEB provides financial support under the entrepreneur support programme to entrepreneurs who have successfully completed their 70-hour training course.

5. Where can I get a low cost or interest-free loan?

The main organization providing interest free loans is KOSGEB, which provides loans of up to YL 70,000 in addition to grant aid to help entrepreneurs establish businesses to realize successful business ideas. İŞKUR or KOSGEB will also be able to inform you about other opportunities that may exist.

6. How do I get premises in a Business Incubator?

To find a place in a Business Incubator or Development Centre, check with KOSGEB if there is any space in one of their İŞGEMs. KOSGEB will first check your business plan before offering such spaces for up to three years if this space is available.
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