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Entrepreneurship & Carrier Days









Entrepreneurship and Career Days are going to be held within the scope of European Union and Republic of Turkey jointly financed "Promoting Youth Employment Operation", whose contracting authority is Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Directorate of EU Coordination Unit and implemented by İŞKUR with the technical assistance of Proje Grup.
Career and Entrepreneurship Days will be organized in 15 provinces as follows: Malatya (02-03 April), Gaziantep (05-06 April), Diyarbakır (09-10 April), Elazığ (12-13 April), Kayseri (16-17 April), Trabzon (19-20 April), Sivas (26-27 April), Kahramanmaraş (29-30 April), Samsun (03-04 May), Batman (07-08 May), Kars (10-11 May), Erzurum (20-21 May), Şanlıurfa (23-24 May), Kastamonu (30-31 May) and Van (06-07 June).
Each seminar will continue for two days as Career and Entrepreneurship Days. In the Career Days which will be held in the first day of the seminar, young people will come together with prominent sectorial representatives in the region and be informed about how to transform their theoretical knowledge to practice in business life after completing their education, what kinds of career opportunities are there in the organizations in that specific region, what kinds of qualifications they should hold for different occupations, things to pay attention in the application and recruitment processes, how to make career and organizational choices.
Entrepreneurship Days will be held in the second day of the seminar and entrepreneurs setting example are going to share their own experiences. Model entrepreneurs will explain the qualifications a successful entrepreneur should hold, what kinds of hardships and opportunities they will face during business set up, what kinds of trainings they should receive, ways of providing finance, what kinds of opportunities are provided for entrepreneurs in their region from his/her perspective and to state motivational advices for young people.
In Entrepreneurship Days, the official representatives of institutions and organizations supporting the entrepreneurs in the region (İŞKUR, KOSGEB, Chamber of Commerce, Regional Development Agency) are expected to inform about training, finance and guiding services they provide for young people, the facilities they provide for entrepreneurs by explaining a real life story as a good example, how do they provide guidance and what kind of projects and interesting opportunities will arise in the future for the entrepreneurs in the region.
Through this opportunity provided for young people for free, young people will consider their qualifications, knowledge and skills, be guided in means of the available sector and careers in their provinces, be informed about the opportunities and hardships they might face and be able to plan their careers more precisely by listening to successful entrepreneurs.

Youth Entrepreneurship Trainings







Free entrepreneurship trainings are organized within the scope of "Promoting Youth Employment Operation" implemented under the coordination of Ministry of Labour and Social Security, European Union and İŞKUR. olarak girişimcilik eğitimleri düzenleniyor.
These trainings in five pilot provinces are going to begin in March and end in June. Unemployed young people between the ages of 18-29, high school or vocational education college graduates or university students are targeted in these trainings, delivered by expert national and international trainers.
In the aftermath of these trainings, young people will have been informed about how to become business owners, what kind of risks and opportunities they will face, how to cope with the changing market, ways of providing finance and through which marketing strategies they will promote themselves. They will also have prepared their first draft of their business plans through acquiring KOSGEB and European Union attendance certificate after the trainings.
To attend these trainings to be held in Rize, Sivas, Mardin, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş, 100 young people from each province will be selected. To apply to these "entrepreneurship seminars" delivered by professional trainers, young people should visit www.gencistihdami.net, and after filling out the application form, submit the form to İŞKUR
Young people who dream of becoming their own boss are concerned about what to do to attain this dream and cannot take a step. Right at this point, "Promoting Youth Employment Operation" supports young people with these trainings and explains them their dreams are not hard to attain and technically and practically presents the steps to be taken.
If you also wish to start your business, living in Rize, Sivas, Mardin, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş, between 18-29 ages, unemployed and high school or vocational education college graduates or university students, visit www.gencistihdami.net website, fill out the application form and submit it to İŞKUR directorate in your province.
Young people; take a step towards starting your business, do not miss these training opportunities which are free of charge and will provide many opportunities for you.

Introductory Event of Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment


Over 300 VIPS Participated in “Introductory Event of Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment”

Over 300 high level representatives of İŞKUR, grant beneficiaries, and relevant stakeholders attended the “Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment Introductory Event” at Rixos Hotel on September 12 to learn about the outcomes of the Promoting Youth Employment Grant Scheme Programme and the activities that will be implemented during the coming year in the framework of the Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment (TA PYE) project.
One of the main focuses of the day-long event was to share experiences, achievements and “lessons learned” during the implementation of the Promoting Youth Employment Grant Scheme Programme. The 127 Grant scheme projects worth over EUR 24 million were financed and implemented in 43 of Turkey’s most disadvantaged provinces to help overcome local barriers to youth employment. The projects carried out valuable work to enhance the qualifications and skills of young people in line with the needs and opportunities of local markets, as well as strengthening cooperation between enterprise, NGOs, and public and educational institutions.
A compendium with a description of all the Promoting Youth Employment Grant Scheme Programme projects and analysis of best practices analysis was one of the first outcomes delivered by the TA PYE, and disseminated at the event with the aim to help future grant scheme applicants design successful projects. Soon after the projects were completed, they had already resulted in 2.497 young people being employed and 218 young people starting up their own businesses. In addition, more than 12.000 young people received counseling and training and now have a clearer vision for their future. Electronic copies of the compendium can be downloaded from the website. (LINK)
The conference also presented some of the activities, which will be carried out in the coming year by the TA PYE, in close cooperation with the assembled stakeholders.
The activities include:
  • Conducting surveys and collecting and analyzing data to identify priority industries and better understand their investment, support and employee needs;
  • Developing entrepreneurship guidelines and a comprehensive list of all financial, educational and other supports and incentives available to entrepreneurs;
  • Organizing entrepreneurship and career events in 15 growth centers:
  • Developing a Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) model comprising strategies, policies and supports needed to grow local economies, and
  • Action Plans for their implementation in five of the regions.
The project will also provide comprehensive training and elaborate concepts and best based on international best practice and put in place enhanced internship agreements to better serve companies and interns alike.
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